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Does BibliU support Library Management Systems
(e.g. Ex-libris Primo, Alma, etc.)?

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Yes! We provide valid MARC records and WAYFless URLs for all titles. Allowing you to add the content provided through BibliU to your students through your existing library management system.

Can students have a personalised "shelf" to store their books on?

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Absolutely, we can provide a collection of titles to your entire institution as part of our Discovery Layer, or we can tie it down to just a single course. We support just about any business model you can imagine.

Can BibliU link to a specific chapter or paragraph in a textbook through the VLE/LMS?

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Yes, you can link to just about any content inside a textbook and have students jump straight to the relevant content.

How does BibliU provision access to relevant students?

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We work collaboratively to figure out the most efficient operational processes for your institution.

BibliU integrates with all major Learning Management systems (LMS/VLE), all Single Sign On (SSO) systems and all Student Information Systems (SIS)

Which Learning Management Systems (LMS) / Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) systems does BibliU support?

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We use the open LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard for these integrations. That means we work with just about any LMS/VLE, including Canvas, Blackboard (Learn & Ultra), Moodle, Sakai, Brightspace and more.

Which Single Sign On systems does BibliU support?

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We use the open SAML standard for these integrations. This means we work with just about any SSO system, including Shibboleth, OpenAthens and Azure ID.

What sort of analytics does BibliU provide institutions, procurement and faculty?

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We can provide live usage statistics through our integrated dashboards to the institution and procurement teams (anonymized and high-level).

Faculty receive key statistics detailing how engaged their students are, including quantity of comments/highlights and the amount of time they are spending in the reader.

We can also pipe our raw analytics into your data warehouse, so that you get the complete student picture.

Can BibliU provide inspection copy/desk copy links?

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Yes! We can provide links for any title you provide us, linked to a specific user, with record of whether they have or have not used the link. We can also define specific access periods, for example, a simple copy to trial the title can be made to operate for a couple of weeks, or a full semester.

What's so special about BibliU?

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BibliU was made with students in mind. We want to bring textbooks to life by giving them easy tools for studying, instantaneous search in content and images and giving them an app that they enjoy using.

Does BibliU have annotation features like notes and highlights?

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Of course! BibliU was made to give students an experience they can use for studying anywhere, so those notes and highlights get synced instantaneously across all their devices.

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